WHINGE WEDNESDAY : “So you think you’re qualified?”

So you think you’re qualified?

Some of you may already know that I am engaging in a slight career change. By change I mean I’ve gone back to college to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma that should give me a broad understanding of all the business functions necessary for a modern start-up, or in simple terms entrepreneurship. I don’t know if having my own business is something that will happen someday but it certainly is something I aspire to do. To this point, my professional qualifications haven proven me a accomplished marketer, successful in the field of “morketing”. I know I’m good, look at me…I’m basically the Ron Burgandy of marketing, but I will never doubt myself as much as I do in an interview.  I don’t know what it is but having to big yourself up is not that easy, even for me! I’m not the worst interview candidate but when it doesn’t go to plan I come away feeling deflated, down and with a real knock to my confidence.

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Over the past number of months the entire process of job applications and interviews has really made me think. Maybe I need to look elsewhere? Maybe I need to broaden my horizons? Maybe I should consider some new avenues? Maybe I should look for roles I am surely qualified enough for and have the confidence to express that in an interview?

Here’s a shortlist of positions I feel I should pursue…



So, I know that the best sandwich is made with fresh bread, straight out of the oven. I know that people that have butter AND mayonnaise are just freaks. Plus, I completed first year Arts so that’s basically the same thing as professional sandwich artist, right?

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Last Sunday I spent a solid 13 hours asleep in bed in some form of drink influenced coma, so to say I love a solid mattress is an understatement. I know I’d make a fantastic mattress expert because I’ve always loved my sleep ( not for any other, get that mind out of the butter please!)

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They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life and I really love coffee. Once my brother suggested I go to Starbucks and my response was, “Are you serious? I don’t drink that trash, I only drink boutique coffee.” After he wiped the look of disdain off his face, he realised I might be on to something.  This role would be ideal, I literally buy coffee everyday.

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Well now this I know for sure I can do well because I’ve done it before. Talking to people over the phone, eezy peezy. Almost as easy as talking in person except you can roll your eyes as much as you want and pass off a sigh as a cough if you have to.

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All I’m saying is if Donald Trump can do it than I think I’m sure I could give it a whirl.


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