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Hanger,  the facts


You may  not be familiar with the term “Hanger”.  Its use in common everyday conversation has risen in recent years with people becoming increasingly more aware of the condition. This affliction is known as hunger related anger, hence the term hanger.  It can seriously impact on on your everyday life and even your personal relationships.


Hangry When you are so hungry ...
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Recognising the symptoms


There are a number of ways to recognise Hanger or to anticipate the early onset of a episode:

  • You feel hungry. Be very mindful of this one, you can dramatically reduce the number of Hanger episodes by eliminating this factor.
  • You become tired and cranky.
  • You feel like starting an argument with a loved one or work colleague over something otherwise seen as meaningless.
  • You become irrational.
  • You feel genuinely upset, like you could cry at any moment.
  • You actually cry.
  • You throw things.
  • You have a tantrum similar to one seen more commonly in children aged 2-6 at your local supermarket.

These symptoms can be isolated or may even come all at once.



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Tips on managing the condition


The good thing is in 1st world, western society Hanger is completely manageable and does not require large quantities of medication or regular sedation.  Here are some steps to a “Happy Hanger Free Future”.

  1. EAT – ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories per day as recommends by a doctor or nutritionist.
  2. CARRY SNACKS – always carry snacks such as mini muffins, bananas, peanuts, etc.  Please note that carrots sticks are not classified as snacks.
  3. BE PREPARED – stop hanger before it’s too late and eat before you get overly hunger. Don’t wait for the pangs to begin and that felling of ultimate hulk taking over your body.
  4. STOP TO THINK – before you start a massive row with your partner about how they always leave the milk out or why the feel the need to breathe so heavily while simply watching TV, stop and ask yourself “Am I really that angry about this or am I just hungry?”. There is a 30%-40% chance that their breathing isn’t that annoying and you are in fact simply hungry.


The Actual Science

This topic is not theory, it is backed by real science and it has a lot to do with the level of glucose in your  body and your hormones. If you want to learn more about that then you’re in the wrong place because I’m not getting paid for this.

But… there is an interesting article on www.iflscience.com if you are really that concerned you may be suffering from regular bouts of Hanger.


And know that once you eat something things are all going to be alright again.


Thanks for reading!

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