Independence Day

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or so the saying goes. We all have different ways of putting value on things in our lives and for me my independence is one of my most valuable possessions. Something that I have blogged about in the past and anyone who knows me personally will know that I love to drive and owning a car is my key to independence and freedom. This is probably a direct result of having grown up in the countryside where public transport was poor at best, busses were few and far between. Except of course the school bus.


Rite of passage

Everyone got the school bus, it was a rite of passage growing up in place that wasn’t walking distance to your school. Unless of course you were pure posh, in which case why wouldn’t you want to take a lift in Daddy’s heated seated Mercedes CLK.  However, for us mere peasants it was the the private bus company hired out by the the public bus company because they couldn’t be bothered to extend their service out to “the sticks”.

Not taking the school bus - david and brooklyn beckham

To be fair to Brooklyn, if my father was David Beckham I’d be pretty proud to have him drop me off at school too. Image Source: Daily Mail


Every School Bus Ever


I would imagine that most of us had a similar experience when taking the school bus, everything is a bit samey samey when you go through your teenage years anyways. Let me jog your memory and feel free to let me know if you did share these same experinces.


Baltic is strong terminology and probably most commonly used by Irish females, but when you are standing outside for an extending period of time while the wind and rain is cutting right through your soul the line, “It’s absolutely Baltic today” actually seems quite fitting. Heading off to school with a pair of soggy socks and a bad attitude, not a great way to start the day.

School bus days standing at the bus stop in the rain

Image source: Commute Better Blog

2. Inadequate Seating

There were never enough seats. I know it’s a 56 seater but capacity always far exceeded the number of seat belts … wait were there even seat belts? The bus driver would regularly shout down the aisle of the bus, ” Sure those 1st years are only small. Shove over there, you’ll get at least 3 or 4 of ye in there!”.


3. Yer man down the back

There was always some fella smoking down the back seat of the bus thinking he was class and trying to impress the 3rd year girls by being over boisterous and loud. What he didn’t know was that the 3rd years girls were just thinking to themselves, “Did that fella not repeat his leaving?  Sure he must be at least 19 now…  I’m sure he has a car, would he not just drive to school?…Sap.”


The cool guy down the back of every school bus

Image source:



4. That Genius

There is always some genius and I say that with 100% sarcasm, who brings onto the bus and lets off either :

  • Joke shop stink bombs
  • Pound shop sparklers
  • A stolen fire extinguisher
  • Illegal fireworks obtained from his cool uncle up the North

Honestly, it was never funny. Kids feared for their safety.

Stink bombs on every school bus

Image source:

5. Bus driver gets pure thick

It wouldn’t be a normal journey home if the bus driver didn’t pull the bus into the hard shoulder approximately 45 minutes into the journey after being terrorised by a group of lazy TYs with makeshift pea shooters. His message was always loud and clear. ” If those fellas don’t stop I swear everyone is walking home and Lally’s busses will be permanently parked up!!”

My local school bus

Image source: Lallys Tours

6. My Mother

Not sure if everyone had this conversation or a similar one with their mother or father in the mornings in relation to the school bus. She threatened me most mornings (as I was generally running late) by saying the below. I honestly think she misunderstood what a threat was :


Mom : I swear Maria if you miss that bus you’re staying here. I’m not driving you anywhere!

Me: Ah…ok….

Me: *Crawls at snail’s pace

Image result for a funny snail

Image source :


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!





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