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I’m very thankful for Galway, it’s my home.  Its beautiful blue skies and fresh air for deep breaths after long nights of partying with my friends.  Even with all of this it does lack something.  Maybe it’s anonymity or solitary existence that just isn’t possible in a small town, not with a family as big as mine.


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Disclaimer: Not my actual family.  Image source –  Pinterest


Of late, I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to take secondment in London for 2 months. London has been a destination of choice for many an Irish folk over the years (maybe less now due to Brexit…*que awkward silence)… and now I can see the appeal. It’s big and busy, a bit like myself really. There is any amount of things to do, provided you have funds as it is considerably more expensive than Ireland.

I am living in Dalston, which I believe is an up and coming district laced with hipsters. I’m talking very-casually-takes-a-kids-scooter-to-work-in-a-full-length-pink-fur-coat type of hipster. I’m talking owns a typewriter and uses a Nokia 3210 daily but also has the latest Macbook type of hipster.  Where every second building is a hair salon or take away. For creative, floaty types. I like it here, I feel I fit in.

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Work is located in central London. Where the uniform is standard well tailored suit with a worn down pair of Adidas trainers and iPhone earphones. Keep the head down, as they say.  I don’t mind standing out a bit in my jeans and cons, no one notices anyways, I’m probably the most observant person in London right now. The walk to work isn’t the worst. Instead of being stuck in traffic I’ve got some pretty spectacular views of St.Paul’s cathedral as I swiftly wade through the throngs of workers.

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So far, London has been an interesting experience and despite what my previous messaging may suggest I have, in fact been able to interact with actual Londoners. What I’ve be subject to is the listing of random things Irish people say that Londoners just don’t get . Here are just a few:


I start every conversation with this. It’s my typical lead in. “So…how was last night?” or “So….did ya get the shift?” It’s always accompanied by a pause as if to suggest you should know exactly what I am about to ask.



We say press, which is derived from hot pres which is an enclosed storage space, typically with slatted shelving and built around a house’s hot water system to generate a low dry heat, used to dry damp clothing (thank you wikionary). Really we should be saying cupboard.

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That’s a fine press now.  Image source :

“Come here”

As in “Come here and I tell ya!” How much closer do I need to be? I’m right beside you.


In the Oxford dictionary grand would emulate grandeur and of a large scale. Not by Irish terms, in fact it really means mediocre, not terrible but not great either.

“The last day”

Is this the last day of the week? the month? the year? I hear you ask. Well, it’s none of them. The last day means it wasn’t yesterday but it wasn’t more than a week ago so it is one of the days between yesterday and the 5 days prior, it’s basically a small window in which you can make an assumption of when it really was.

“Yer wan and yer man”

Of course this is just terminology for female and male but most likely for someone whose name you should know but now escapes you. For example :

Person A: How’s yer wan getting on?

Person B : Who’s yer wan?

Person A: You know yer wan who used to work down in the cafe there who used to be going out with yer man with the baldy head who had shovels for hands and someone said he was mad into those pyramid schemes.

Person B: Oh yer wan, sure she’s a miserable auld wagon that wan.

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Shovel hands. Image source:

Thanks for reading and there will be plenty more London observations over the coming months.


4 thoughts on “THANKFUL TUESDAY : London Living

  1. Love this! You’re a howl! Having a nice chuckle here after a night out with your lovely sis! Enjoy London and keep writing!

    1. Thanks so much Marina, I’m delighted you’re enjoying the posts! There’s for sure a few more I could add to the list but got keep it short and sweet. Thanks for your lovely message 🙂 x

  2. LOLLLLLLL this reminds me of all the discussions/translation sessions we had to have over your guys wording and then me picking up bad habits …. Saying like every other word is defo a you thing!!!

    1. Well get yourself ready for my next London post (not this week, next week) when I’ll do the opposite and list the terminology that make me go “ya what?!” I bet a few sayings will come from you 🙂 You did catch on seriously quick to some of our Irishisms 🙂 x

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