FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Tis fierce cauld out there

November 25th. It’s Winter and tis fierce cauld out there. Christmas decorations are up, bright lights a plenty and heavily decorated window displays. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that it’s Winter then maybe you should step outside without a conglomeration of additional clothing and then you’ll know it is certainly  Winter season.


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OK, fine, you may argue that it’s cold in Ireland all the time. Well that’s just not true. Yes, it can go from being a sunny 18 degrees to a chilly 10 in the space of an hour but that’s just another element of Ireland’s personality that adds to its unique charm. Every year when the evenings draw shorter and the stars begin to sparkle on my journey home from work, I reflect on years gone by. (This is a trend of mine, I spend a lot of time reflecting).

Some of you may remember the “Big Freeze of 09/10”.  Two consecutive Winters so shockingly cold that it will forever be encompassed in our memories. Each year is a stark reminder of the harsh  brutality of mother nature with the resurrection of this video.

It’s no David Attenborough’s Planet Earth but fair play to RTE for producing a piece of media that has been shared 1000s of time across the globe, not like them generally.

Apart from the “Fella who fell on the ice” video, there are a number of other things that I have experienced and will most likely experience again that remind me of Winter.


1) Sitting in my car outside the pub to collect  some drunk family member in -17 degrees.

2) Using actual table salt to de-ice outside the back door and accidentally killing a few slugs.


3) Saying “It’s freezing” at 3-4 minute intervals all day everyday for 3 month even when it’s actually  moderately  mild.


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4) Buying unnecessary amounts of hats, scarfs and gloves but end up wear the same ones everyday.

5) Underestimating how long it takes to de-ice the car in the morning. I pour water on the windscreen and by the time I get into the car that water has frozen so now it’s basically double glazed ice.

6)  I put the heat up so high that I’m actually overheated and dehydrated.

7) Wondering why I can’t feel my toes even though I’m wearing Converse which are as useful as a pair of surgical theatre booties.

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#RELATE anyone? Please share your Winter reminders please!




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