MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY : Every taxi you’ve ever taken

Taxi Talk


So, it’s the weekend… not right now it’s not but just imagine it is. You meet up with your friends for Brunch (that’s breakfast and lunch combined people, or as my mother would call it, “notions”).  Brunch turns into Drunch (that’s drunken lunch people or as my mother would cal it, ” a holy disgrace at this hour of the day”) and before you know it you’re taking a taxi home. But, it’s only 4pm. Great, still time for a nap before you prep for the night ahead.


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Onwards and upwards it’s another taxi into town for a night of civilised socialising. Civilised or not the end of the night arrives and you will indeed need a another taxi home. That’s 3 taxis in just one day, unless you’re lucky enough to have a very kind significant other who doesn’t part-take in weekend mayhem like you and drives you everywhere. If they are your significant other, then  it’s unlikely.

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Chances are you’ve met every type of taxi driver over the course of your adult life. The more I took taxis the more I observed similarities. I began to categorise every taxi driver I ever met. Very few defy the below list.

The Busy One

“If ya wouldn’t mind just figuring that out outside”, he says as you and your friend group are forced out to gale force wind and rain at the top of the street not your original destination, because ya know, it’s handier (for who?) and instead of everyone paying their own portion of the taxi fare in a rushed flurry one person pays total and everyone else “owes them a drink” for the rest of the night. This taxi driver ain’t got no time for that or this or anything really he’s just always in a hurry.


The Quiet One

Nothing, not a hello, not a goodbye noting. And it’s not because he can’t speak the same language as you it’s because he just couldn’t be bothered. Sure look, isn’t it very continental altogether?!


The One Who’s Great Craic

This lad is mad. He’s absolutely great craic. He so badly wants to join the party that he’s made his own taxi a party mobile. Blue LED lights. Unnecessary flat screens in the back of each seat. Super sound system blaring SPIN SouthWest. Sure why would ya leave at all when ya can just stay here and have the craic!?


Related image
Ok, maybe slightly elaborate but you know what I’m talking about. Image source: partybusrentals.wordpress.com


The Cover Up

“Hiya, would ya mind popping the booth, I just have a suitca….”, “NO…I mean , ah no don’t go near the booth just shove it in the back seat there it’ll be grand. And if you hear any noises or anything odd from the back of the car not to worry, I’ve to bring it for pre-NCT it needs new bushens and that’s why it sounds like there’s a person in the booth…”

Ya, maybe I shouldn’t have flagged this one down…

The Sound One

Here’s your all time favourite. Happy to talk about the good/bad weather, what time he’s on until, if he always works weekends/nights, knows someone in your family or is distantly related to your and after chat even gives you a few bob off the fair.


Next time you take a taxi, think of this post and see if they fit into the category. Share your story with The MOD’s Blog.


Thanks for reading.

WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Disney Disillusionment

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome… ever heard of it? It’s a term for when victims of kidnapping or those in a hostage situation begin to have feelings of affection or trust towards their captors. Most likely in the world of psychology it would be dubbed a “coping mechanism”, in the world of Disney it’s known as Beauty & the Beast.  I had the pleasure of seeing the latest version of Beauty & the Beast in the cinema recently.  As I watched one of my childhood favourites with eyes more advanced in years ( and now requiring spectacles) I saw it in a very different light. I realised that Beauty & the Beast was the most capitalised story of Stockholm Syndrome in history and wasn’t the love story I was once led to believe.

Image source : quickmeme.com


I began to feel as though I had been completely disillusioned by Disney all those years. This realisation made me want to explore the true storyline of all my other Disney faves.



Another so called love story. This one really confuses me now. So the prince magically falls in love with Cinderella after one, ok two meetings. Well, he doesn’t even recognise her when she isn’t all done up. Was she wearing fake tan, lashes, rake of make up? Ppfftttt…

Image source : Teen.com


Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs


You think you know what I’m going to say about this one but you’re wrong. I’m not really bothered about the fact that Snow White shared a house with 7 men. I’m more concerned about the fact that the prince just thinks he can take her away when she’s clearly ill or apparently passed away? This is slightly disturbing. #creep


Image source : teen.com


Alice in Wonderland

There are lots of theories about the true meaning of the story of Alice in Wonderland . Most commonly suggested that the entire story story is inspired by the journey undertaken when under the influence of psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms. However, I think it’s more like the Beauty & the Beast scenario. Alice uses food and drink as a coping mechanism to deal with her struggles.  A very modern day tale I think.


Image source : pastemagazine.com


My other faves

The Jungle Book, Bambi, The Lion King, Lady & the Tramp and One Hundred & One Dalmatians all share a common theme that hasn’t no matter how old I’ve gotten. This is that animals can talk, I always knew they could.


Thanks for reading.

WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Living with Hanger

Hanger,  the facts


You may  not be familiar with the term “Hanger”.  Its use in common everyday conversation has risen in recent years with people becoming increasingly more aware of the condition. This affliction is known as hunger related anger, hence the term hanger.  It can seriously impact on on your everyday life and even your personal relationships.


Hangry When you are so hungry ...
Image source : Memesuper.com


Recognising the symptoms


There are a number of ways to recognise Hanger or to anticipate the early onset of a episode:

  • You feel hungry. Be very mindful of this one, you can dramatically reduce the number of Hanger episodes by eliminating this factor.
  • You become tired and cranky.
  • You feel like starting an argument with a loved one or work colleague over something otherwise seen as meaningless.
  • You become irrational.
  • You feel genuinely upset, like you could cry at any moment.
  • You actually cry.
  • You throw things.
  • You have a tantrum similar to one seen more commonly in children aged 2-6 at your local supermarket.

These symptoms can be isolated or may even come all at once.



Image source : Buzzfeed.com


Tips on managing the condition


The good thing is in 1st world, western society Hanger is completely manageable and does not require large quantities of medication or regular sedation.  Here are some steps to a “Happy Hanger Free Future”.

  1. EAT – ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories per day as recommends by a doctor or nutritionist.
  2. CARRY SNACKS – always carry snacks such as mini muffins, bananas, peanuts, etc.  Please note that carrots sticks are not classified as snacks.
  3. BE PREPARED – stop hanger before it’s too late and eat before you get overly hunger. Don’t wait for the pangs to begin and that felling of ultimate hulk taking over your body.
  4. STOP TO THINK – before you start a massive row with your partner about how they always leave the milk out or why the feel the need to breathe so heavily while simply watching TV, stop and ask yourself “Am I really that angry about this or am I just hungry?”. There is a 30%-40% chance that their breathing isn’t that annoying and you are in fact simply hungry.


The Actual Science

This topic is not theory, it is backed by real science and it has a lot to do with the level of glucose in your  body and your hormones. If you want to learn more about that then you’re in the wrong place because I’m not getting paid for this.

But… there is an interesting article on www.iflscience.com if you are really that concerned you may be suffering from regular bouts of Hanger.


And know that once you eat something things are all going to be alright again.


Thanks for reading!

SUBDUED SUNDAY : The MOD’s Blog 9 Step Slender Solutions (TM Pending)

Ah, January. Now begins the incessant berating of yourself for the guaranteed overindulgence at Christmas. And so you should. You should be consumed by guilt and self-loathing at the shocking amount of times you acted out one of the 7 deadly sins ; Gluttony.



I know from experience, I did the same thing myself and that’s why I’ve put together the The MOD’s Blog 9 Step Slender Solution (TM Pending) . It will  help you lose those few extra few pounds and assist you in making better food choices and completely alter your way of thinking.  Don’t believe me? Just read on and let me prove you wrong!


Ditch the Booze – Empty calories people.


No matter what you’re eating you need to include egg whites. Not the yoke though, it’s pure evil.


Little and often is the key. You should be constantly chewing on either carrot sticks or 2-3 almonds no matter how impractical that may be as part of your everyday routine.










Become an actual Cauliflower.  There are some fantastic benefits of being a Cauliflower head:


Image Source: roflmao-the-clown.deviantart.com


  • You’re a food so you don’t have to eat – Instant calorie intake reduction.
  • People expect you to smell a bit, so no big deal.
  • It’s normal to be quite round so the pressure to be skinny is non existent.



Ignore all of the above. Replacing your rice and spuds with Cauliflower isn’t going to change your life. Just make better choices if that’s what you really want. Listen to your body, chances are it’s smarter than you.


*If you actually want to learn more about Cauliflower recipes and such you’ll need to head over to Buzzfeed.com.


Thanks for reading.


The MOD’s Blog talks January Blues

Firstly, happy new year to all my followers and by followers I mean people who support my blog online and not actual stalker folk. I hope you all had as good a Christmas and New Years as me. I must  say I have so much to be thankful for. An amazing family and group of friends, hilarious little nieces and nephews and a job that allows me almost 2 weeks holidays to enjoy all of this.


MOD does love a good whinge though…


Despite all of the positives outlined above I still manage to find stuff to whinge about. I’m comparable to an aul wan at the Post Office, whinge central. I think we’ve all heard of “January Blues”, but what are they really? Well I don’t think there is a technical explanation but here’s MOD’s view:


Food (No sugar)

You go from feast to famine in a number of days and my body struggles. In saying this, I struggle all year round with this same issue but it’s just more prominent this time of year. Also, I get the sugar shakes which are like the DT tremors but worse.

Image result for sugar withdrawal meme
Image Source: thememetapicture.com

Dry January (No drink)

Look, I can do this I mean I did it last year and it was the best month of the year after July, August and September followed closely by October and December. In all fairness it’s not bad and it doesn’t get me down, it’s more the pressure to have “just the wan”. I don’t want just one, I want just none for one month is that so hard to process?!


I’ll drink to it in February


Quieter Times (less company)

I go from being completely surrounded to the point of near suffocation to being back on my own again.


Me : And where do you think you are going?

Vanessa : I’m going to the cinema.

Me: And you’re going to just leave me here? On my own? With my own fears and anxieties while you just swan off to the cinema… well why don’t you just move into the cinema then? Some housemate you are!! 

Slightly dramatic response to being left alone but I don’t believe it’s overly irrational at all.


Christmas Music (all gone)


I didn’t realise how much I loved Christmas music until I had Spotify Premium with access to all the greatest Christmas Playlists available – THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT, BUT IT SHOULD BE.

Plus, I now have  a new favourite Christmas song. I genuinely think I could listen to it at any time of the year.


New Year, New me (Malarkey)

So new year resolutions are most of the time a load of malarkey, but I did stay true to one that I made last year. That was to learn a musical instrument. I started learning the guitar. I had a few temporary hiccups but overall I stayed true to it. I’m not as good as I would like to be so my new year resolution for 2017  is to get better. It’s not as easy as you would think, so little advice, pick easy resolutions.


As always, thank you so much for reading and being fantastic followers in 2016, Long may it continue!

WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Things that just exhaust me

I’m having one of those days. You know those days when your brain and body aren’t quite in sync. When the simplest of tasks such as  verbalising your thoughts becomes almost impossible and out comes just utter rubbish that doesn’t even sound like you to you, let alone anyone else. Ya, well I’m having one of those days.


Image result for one of those days meme
Image source: memeguy.com


The sheer lack of wanting to really do anything today in conjunction with the series of annoyances that occurred led me to this post. Oh, and it’s actually Wednesday and I haven’t done a Whinge Wednesday post in quite a while and people tell me it’s one of their favourite categories. I wonder is that because of Irish people’s fantastic ability to bask in sheer misery on a regular basis, or they just like my writing? Who knows…

Today I just felt so tired, so exhausted for a number of reasons really but as the day closed in on me I thought about the little everyday things that just really tire me out. My mother used to use the term irk. I always thought it was a made up word as I’m pretty sure she created her own dialect of Irish so she could give out about me and my siblings aloud without us realising. But, ya irk is a real word and it means irritate or annoy. Some stuff that irks me:


Fear of losing your phone. Maybe there is a more technical term for it but I haven’t got the energy to google it. It’s not so much the fear of losing the phone that gets me. We’ve all been there. your walking around Lidl picking up your few bits you (too stubborn to get a basket or trolley, sure it’s only a few bits!) you pop the phone down on the counter so you can pay and make your’re swift get away from the counter because the sales assistant is making you feel like you’re not supposed to be there. Just pulling into your driveway and you do the hectic pulling everything out of your bag in a dramatic fashion and already putting the car in reverse before you realise your phone was in your pocket the entire time. It’s this sudden relaxed and thankful feeling that really drains me.


Every morning and every evening. Years of my life lost by sitting in my car flicking through radio stations thinking about when I will get to eat next as if the length of time in traffic is so uncertain. It’s generally the same each day, but just much longer than I think any human should be spending in traffic. Dog’s don’t have to sit in traffic. They don’t have to work either. I’m getting off topic.


So Burt Dunnigan  said I can leave my job now and earn $200 a day! I wonder what that is in euros?…  Doesn’t even matter, jokes on Burt Dunnigan because I’ve already won the Nigerian lotto so drinks on me lads.


Speed vans

Look, I know they are just doing their job and speeding is a very serious issue but it’s just I spend so much time keeping an eye out for Gardai and speed vans that I don’t know if I’m actually watching the road as much as I should be. It is in fact a distraction. And even though there are drug cartels and sex trafficking rings going on out there , in all fairness I was doing 55 in a 50 zone so lock me up now and throw away the key.

Being tired

I’m so tired of being tired. I don’t even have children to run around after. I worry about the day that I do and how terrible I will look then. If I look this tired now it’s only a matter of time before the checkout lady at Tesco doesn’t try and sell me an overpriced reusable bag because I got bags for life on my face.

Image result for bags for life
Image source : Luke Hickling.Wordpress.com


Thanks for reading,

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Tis fierce cauld out there

November 25th. It’s Winter and tis fierce cauld out there. Christmas decorations are up, bright lights a plenty and heavily decorated window displays. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that it’s Winter then maybe you should step outside without a conglomeration of additional clothing and then you’ll know it is certainly  Winter season.


The MOD's Blog - Throwback Thursday Weather in Ireland Image
Image source: Imgrum.com


OK, fine, you may argue that it’s cold in Ireland all the time. Well that’s just not true. Yes, it can go from being a sunny 18 degrees to a chilly 10 in the space of an hour but that’s just another element of Ireland’s personality that adds to its unique charm. Every year when the evenings draw shorter and the stars begin to sparkle on my journey home from work, I reflect on years gone by. (This is a trend of mine, I spend a lot of time reflecting).

Some of you may remember the “Big Freeze of 09/10”.  Two consecutive Winters so shockingly cold that it will forever be encompassed in our memories. Each year is a stark reminder of the harsh  brutality of mother nature with the resurrection of this video.

It’s no David Attenborough’s Planet Earth but fair play to RTE for producing a piece of media that has been shared 1000s of time across the globe, not like them generally.

Apart from the “Fella who fell on the ice” video, there are a number of other things that I have experienced and will most likely experience again that remind me of Winter.


1) Sitting in my car outside the pub to collect  some drunk family member in -17 degrees.

2) Using actual table salt to de-ice outside the back door and accidentally killing a few slugs.


3) Saying “It’s freezing” at 3-4 minute intervals all day everyday for 3 month even when it’s actually  moderately  mild.


The MOD's Blog that one friend who is always freezing

Image source: Girlsperspective.com

4) Buying unnecessary amounts of hats, scarfs and gloves but end up wear the same ones everyday.

5) Underestimating how long it takes to de-ice the car in the morning. I pour water on the windscreen and by the time I get into the car that water has frozen so now it’s basically double glazed ice.

6)  I put the heat up so high that I’m actually overheated and dehydrated.

7) Wondering why I can’t feel my toes even though I’m wearing Converse which are as useful as a pair of surgical theatre booties.

The MOD's Blog sugical booties
Image source: alibaba.com


#RELATE anyone? Please share your Winter reminders please!





Independence Day

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or so the saying goes. We all have different ways of putting value on things in our lives and for me my independence is one of my most valuable possessions. Something that I have blogged about in the past and anyone who knows me personally will know that I love to drive and owning a car is my key to independence and freedom. This is probably a direct result of having grown up in the countryside where public transport was poor at best, busses were few and far between. Except of course the school bus.


Rite of passage

Everyone got the school bus, it was a rite of passage growing up in place that wasn’t walking distance to your school. Unless of course you were pure posh, in which case why wouldn’t you want to take a lift in Daddy’s heated seated Mercedes CLK.  However, for us mere peasants it was the the private bus company hired out by the the public bus company because they couldn’t be bothered to extend their service out to “the sticks”.

Not taking the school bus - david and brooklyn beckham

To be fair to Brooklyn, if my father was David Beckham I’d be pretty proud to have him drop me off at school too. Image Source: Daily Mail


Every School Bus Ever


I would imagine that most of us had a similar experience when taking the school bus, everything is a bit samey samey when you go through your teenage years anyways. Let me jog your memory and feel free to let me know if you did share these same experinces.


Baltic is strong terminology and probably most commonly used by Irish females, but when you are standing outside for an extending period of time while the wind and rain is cutting right through your soul the line, “It’s absolutely Baltic today” actually seems quite fitting. Heading off to school with a pair of soggy socks and a bad attitude, not a great way to start the day.

School bus days standing at the bus stop in the rain

Image source: Commute Better Blog

2. Inadequate Seating

There were never enough seats. I know it’s a 56 seater but capacity always far exceeded the number of seat belts … wait were there even seat belts? The bus driver would regularly shout down the aisle of the bus, ” Sure those 1st years are only small. Shove over there, you’ll get at least 3 or 4 of ye in there!”.


3. Yer man down the back

There was always some fella smoking down the back seat of the bus thinking he was class and trying to impress the 3rd year girls by being over boisterous and loud. What he didn’t know was that the 3rd years girls were just thinking to themselves, “Did that fella not repeat his leaving?  Sure he must be at least 19 now…  I’m sure he has a car, would he not just drive to school?…Sap.”


The cool guy down the back of every school bus

Image source: bigheadtaco.com



4. That Genius

There is always some genius and I say that with 100% sarcasm, who brings onto the bus and lets off either :

  • Joke shop stink bombs
  • Pound shop sparklers
  • A stolen fire extinguisher
  • Illegal fireworks obtained from his cool uncle up the North

Honestly, it was never funny. Kids feared for their safety.

Stink bombs on every school bus

Image source: newgrounds.com

5. Bus driver gets pure thick

It wouldn’t be a normal journey home if the bus driver didn’t pull the bus into the hard shoulder approximately 45 minutes into the journey after being terrorised by a group of lazy TYs with makeshift pea shooters. His message was always loud and clear. ” If those fellas don’t stop I swear everyone is walking home and Lally’s busses will be permanently parked up!!”

My local school bus

Image source: Lallys Tours

6. My Mother

Not sure if everyone had this conversation or a similar one with their mother or father in the mornings in relation to the school bus. She threatened me most mornings (as I was generally running late) by saying the below. I honestly think she misunderstood what a threat was :


Mom : I swear Maria if you miss that bus you’re staying here. I’m not driving you anywhere!

Me: Ah…ok….

Me: *Crawls at snail’s pace

Image result for a funny snail

Image source : DesiBucket.com


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!






Living in London

I’m very thankful for Galway, it’s my home.  Its beautiful blue skies and fresh air for deep breaths after long nights of partying with my friends.  Even with all of this it does lack something.  Maybe it’s anonymity or solitary existence that just isn’t possible in a small town, not with a family as big as mine.


Image result for greek family

Disclaimer: Not my actual family.  Image source –  Pinterest


Of late, I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to take secondment in London for 2 months. London has been a destination of choice for many an Irish folk over the years (maybe less now due to Brexit…*que awkward silence)… and now I can see the appeal. It’s big and busy, a bit like myself really. There is any amount of things to do, provided you have funds as it is considerably more expensive than Ireland.

I am living in Dalston, which I believe is an up and coming district laced with hipsters. I’m talking very-casually-takes-a-kids-scooter-to-work-in-a-full-length-pink-fur-coat type of hipster. I’m talking owns a typewriter and uses a Nokia 3210 daily but also has the latest Macbook type of hipster.  Where every second building is a hair salon or take away. For creative, floaty types. I like it here, I feel I fit in.

Image result for macklemore thrift shop

Image source: Youtube

Work is located in central London. Where the uniform is standard well tailored suit with a worn down pair of Adidas trainers and iPhone earphones. Keep the head down, as they say.  I don’t mind standing out a bit in my jeans and cons, no one notices anyways, I’m probably the most observant person in London right now. The walk to work isn’t the worst. Instead of being stuck in traffic I’ve got some pretty spectacular views of St.Paul’s cathedral as I swiftly wade through the throngs of workers.

Image result for fleet street london busy

Image source : Flickr

So far, London has been an interesting experience and despite what my previous messaging may suggest I have, in fact been able to interact with actual Londoners. What I’ve be subject to is the listing of random things Irish people say that Londoners just don’t get . Here are just a few:


I start every conversation with this. It’s my typical lead in. “So…how was last night?” or “So….did ya get the shift?” It’s always accompanied by a pause as if to suggest you should know exactly what I am about to ask.



We say press, which is derived from hot pres which is an enclosed storage space, typically with slatted shelving and built around a house’s hot water system to generate a low dry heat, used to dry damp clothing (thank you wikionary). Really we should be saying cupboard.

Image result for cupboard in ireland

That’s a fine press now.  Image source : Homefurniture.ie

“Come here”

As in “Come here and I tell ya!” How much closer do I need to be? I’m right beside you.


In the Oxford dictionary grand would emulate grandeur and of a large scale. Not by Irish terms, in fact it really means mediocre, not terrible but not great either.

“The last day”

Is this the last day of the week? the month? the year? I hear you ask. Well, it’s none of them. The last day means it wasn’t yesterday but it wasn’t more than a week ago so it is one of the days between yesterday and the 5 days prior, it’s basically a small window in which you can make an assumption of when it really was.

“Yer wan and yer man”

Of course this is just terminology for female and male but most likely for someone whose name you should know but now escapes you. For example :

Person A: How’s yer wan getting on?

Person B : Who’s yer wan?

Person A: You know yer wan who used to work down in the cafe there who used to be going out with yer man with the baldy head who had shovels for hands and someone said he was mad into those pyramid schemes.

Person B: Oh yer wan, sure she’s a miserable auld wagon that wan.

Image result for shovels for hands

Shovel hands. Image source: Thisiswhyimbroke.com

Thanks for reading and there will be plenty more London observations over the coming months.


Asian Tour – Beijing : Day 1

Chinese Tour

Last month I had the holiday of a lifetime.  I travelled around Asia for 3 weeks. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time, but ya know I got a job I got bills man I had to come home! When my brother told me him and his girlfriend were going to be leaving Perth and backpacking through Asia for a few months I thought why not fly out there and see them. It had been 2 years since I had seen my brother and it was an extra special time in his life as he was turning 30.

Me and my brov
2 years since I’d seen him last


First on the tour was China. The day I was leaving was a stressful one trying to get out of work on time to catch the bus and to aid to my stress my car decided to pack it in, so typical that it would happen when I was very limited on time. However, I had 3 weeks to not worry about it so it could have been worse!

I flew Dublin to Dubai with a short stopover before flying to Beijing. I don’t really know how long the flights took, I actually just watched movies and then slept so that was pretty easy going. Once I landed in Beijing and linked up with my crew, it was time for some Chinese take away (yes, fried rice) and a rest before day 1 of my Beijing experience.


Beijing Zoo


Beijing Zoo is one of the largest zoos in China and home to over 5000 animals and 450 species.

Baby monkey at Beijing Zoo
Baby monkey is so wise and so ridiculously cute.


Panda bear at Beijing Zoo
The famous panda bear – this photo is so bad but honestly the amount of selfie sticks that were being thrown around and the crushing crowd I had to get out of the panda enclosure as soon as possible, it was a scary experience!


To be honest, I'm not really sure what this guy is
To be honest, I’m not really sure what this guy is, some form of fox or something. Nice ears.


polar bear at Beijing Zoo
The worlds warmest polar bear. I felt very sorry for this fella. He looked extremely warm and  a bit lonely.  It was about 32 degrees Celsius and felt like 100% humidity. If I was struggling this poor guy must have been roasting.


Tiger monument at Beijing Zoo
Tiger monument at Beijing Zoo .


Elephant buddies at Beijing Zoo
Elephant buddies!


Lioness at Beijing Zoo
The moment you realise your being watched. One of my favourite photos of my entire holiday. She was so beautiful and scary at the same time.


Overall, Beijing Zoo was a fun activity, but I felt sorry for the animals who were not indigenous to China. I couldn’t imagine ever becoming accustomed to that weather so I don’t know how the polar bear ever will.

Wangfujing Street


After the zoo we headed to Wangfujing street for some street meat and gift shopping. I don’t think I will ever  forget the smells from this famous street market, they are engraved in my nostrils forever. Let’s just say it didn’t smell of roses, but there were some amazing sights to been seen and even if you didn’t want to buy anything I would still suggest going to see it.

Chinese lanterns light up Wangfujing market
Chinese lanterns light up Wangfujing market.


Live critters ready for eating at Wangfujing market
Live critters ready for eating. So you can’t tell from the photo, but they were moving.


Starfish and cockroaches on a stick at Wangfujing market in Beijing
Starfish and cockroaches on a stick…mmmm tasty,


Beautiful fountain at the end of Wangfujing market
Beautiful fountain at the end of the market.


Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street.


I was truly exhausted after this day we packed a lot in and also I was slightly jet lagged.

Day 2 was even more exciting so keep and eye out for my next post on my Asian Tour. #MODonTour #AsianTour2016