Asian Tour – Beijing : Day 1

Chinese Tour

Last month I had the holiday of a lifetime.  I travelled around Asia for 3 weeks. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time, but ya know I got a job I got bills man I had to come home! When my brother told me him and his girlfriend were going to be leaving Perth and backpacking through Asia for a few months I thought why not fly out there and see them. It had been 2 years since I had seen my brother and it was an extra special time in his life as he was turning 30.

Me and my brov
2 years since I’d seen him last


First on the tour was China. The day I was leaving was a stressful one trying to get out of work on time to catch the bus and to aid to my stress my car decided to pack it in, so typical that it would happen when I was very limited on time. However, I had 3 weeks to not worry about it so it could have been worse!

I flew Dublin to Dubai with a short stopover before flying to Beijing. I don’t really know how long the flights took, I actually just watched movies and then slept so that was pretty easy going. Once I landed in Beijing and linked up with my crew, it was time for some Chinese take away (yes, fried rice) and a rest before day 1 of my Beijing experience.


Beijing Zoo


Beijing Zoo is one of the largest zoos in China and home to over 5000 animals and 450 species.

Baby monkey at Beijing Zoo
Baby monkey is so wise and so ridiculously cute.


Panda bear at Beijing Zoo
The famous panda bear – this photo is so bad but honestly the amount of selfie sticks that were being thrown around and the crushing crowd I had to get out of the panda enclosure as soon as possible, it was a scary experience!


To be honest, I'm not really sure what this guy is
To be honest, I’m not really sure what this guy is, some form of fox or something. Nice ears.


polar bear at Beijing Zoo
The worlds warmest polar bear. I felt very sorry for this fella. He looked extremely warm and  a bit lonely.  It was about 32 degrees Celsius and felt like 100% humidity. If I was struggling this poor guy must have been roasting.


Tiger monument at Beijing Zoo
Tiger monument at Beijing Zoo .


Elephant buddies at Beijing Zoo
Elephant buddies!


Lioness at Beijing Zoo
The moment you realise your being watched. One of my favourite photos of my entire holiday. She was so beautiful and scary at the same time.


Overall, Beijing Zoo was a fun activity, but I felt sorry for the animals who were not indigenous to China. I couldn’t imagine ever becoming accustomed to that weather so I don’t know how the polar bear ever will.

Wangfujing Street


After the zoo we headed to Wangfujing street for some street meat and gift shopping. I don’t think I will ever  forget the smells from this famous street market, they are engraved in my nostrils forever. Let’s just say it didn’t smell of roses, but there were some amazing sights to been seen and even if you didn’t want to buy anything I would still suggest going to see it.

Chinese lanterns light up Wangfujing market
Chinese lanterns light up Wangfujing market.


Live critters ready for eating at Wangfujing market
Live critters ready for eating. So you can’t tell from the photo, but they were moving.


Starfish and cockroaches on a stick at Wangfujing market in Beijing
Starfish and cockroaches on a stick…mmmm tasty,


Beautiful fountain at the end of Wangfujing market
Beautiful fountain at the end of the market.


Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street.


I was truly exhausted after this day we packed a lot in and also I was slightly jet lagged.

Day 2 was even more exciting so keep and eye out for my next post on my Asian Tour. #MODonTour #AsianTour2016






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