"Sometimes my positive attitude even irritates animals. Please read my posts. I'm not doing this to inspire, I just really like writing."

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The Outtakes

Creating the original video was great the outtakes were a lot of fun. I don't mind laughing at myself (and other people too, obviously). This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Don't take life too seriously. If you do, this blog probably isn't for you.


content creation

It's not always what you say but how you say it.


THROWBACK THURSDAY : A taste of Thailand

I’m flattered really that so many people noticed I hadn’t posted anything for a long time. And I honestly admire those individuals who since unliked my page, in fact I commend you. I mean you clearly did not sign up for a limited number of posts to be shared. I’m glad that I re-evaluated my […]

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WHINGE WEDNESDAY : “So you think you’re qualified?”

So you think you’re qualified? Some of you may already know that I am engaging in a slight career change. By change I mean I’ve gone back to college to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma that should give me a broad understanding of all the business functions necessary for a modern start-up, or in simple terms […]

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SUBDUED SUNDAY : Life’s Milestones

Not Sorry It’s been the longest stint of not blogging I’ve had since I began over 3 years ago. I would say “sorry I’ve not been posting recently”, but I’m not sorry. I was busy. And chances are you don’t really mind and anyways, I’m back now. There have been ups and down, trials and […]

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MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY : Every taxi you’ve ever taken

Taxi Talk   So, it’s the weekend… not right now it’s not but just imagine it is. You meet up with your friends for Brunch (that’s breakfast and lunch combined people, or as my mother would call it, “notions”).  Brunch turns into Drunch (that’s drunken lunch people or as my mother would cal it, ” […]

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WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Disney Disillusionment

Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome… ever heard of it? It’s a term for when victims of kidnapping or those in a hostage situation begin to have feelings of affection or trust towards their captors. Most likely in the world of psychology it would be dubbed a “coping mechanism”, in the world of Disney it’s known as […]

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WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Living with Hanger

Hanger,  the facts   You may  not be familiar with the term “Hanger”.  Its use in common everyday conversation has risen in recent years with people becoming increasingly more aware of the condition. This affliction is known as hunger related anger, hence the term hanger.  It can seriously impact on on your everyday life and […]

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SUBDUED SUNDAY : The MOD’s Blog 9 Step Slender Solutions (TM Pending)

Ah, January. Now begins the incessant berating of yourself for the guaranteed overindulgence at Christmas. And so you should. You should be consumed by guilt and self-loathing at the shocking amount of times you acted out one of the 7 deadly sins ; Gluttony. via GIPHY   I know from experience, I did the same thing myself […]

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The MOD’s Blog talks January Blues Firstly, happy new year to all my followers and by followers I mean people who support my blog online and not actual stalker folk. I hope you all had as good a Christmas and New Years as me. I must  say I have so much to be thankful for. […]

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WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Things that just exhaust me

I’m having one of those days. You know those days when your brain and body aren’t quite in sync. When the simplest of tasks such as  verbalising your thoughts becomes almost impossible and out comes just utter rubbish that doesn’t even sound like you to you, let alone anyone else. Ya, well I’m having one […]

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Tis fierce cauld out there

November 25th. It’s Winter and tis fierce cauld out there. Christmas decorations are up, bright lights a plenty and heavily decorated window displays. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that it’s Winter then maybe you should step outside without a conglomeration of additional clothing and then you’ll know it is certainly  Winter season.   […]

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